BTSAsupport is now InductionSupport!

To better reflect our expansion to serve more types of programs, we have changed our name to There have been NO changes to your existing account — please log in here exactly as you have on Once you log in, you’ll find the site very familiar!

If you have any questions, please contact your Program Office.


We provide an Internet-based software solution for New Teacher Induction programs, with our primary focus on data collection and retention in support of audit and portfolio requirements. Our administrative tools help organize the management, communication and record-keeping tasks required to operate a successful Induction program.

Originally developed in 2003 for California BTSA Induction Programs, we have grown to support other credential programs (Education Specialist, Intern, Admin Tier I and Career/Technical Education) across the country.

Moving online with InductionSupport provides a centralized, secure repository for your program data, as well as for Candidate portfolios and evidence. By automating routine operations and providing powerful user grouping and reporting tools, we allow you to focus your time and effort on your primary goal – developing effective educators.

Candidates and Mentors interact with InductionSupport directly: registering for events, completing assessments and mentor/support logs, maintaining their personal data, uploading required forms and portfolio documents/evidence, and monitoring their progress. The site automatically reminds users when they have tasks to perform or events to attend, and our tools allow Program Staff to communicate with either targeted groups or individual users.

Since we are an online service, nothing is installed or maintained on your district's computers. All site users – Candidates, Mentors, and Program Staff – have complete access to all our tools, all the time, anywhere.